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Terry Clairmont

We have received the following from the desk of Phillip Covell:

"It is with regret that I write to inform you of an Industry Giant's passing. Terry Clairmont of Clairmont Camera Inc. passed away on Saturday 28th October 2006, at his Brother's home in Los Angeles. For those who knew him I am sure this will be difficult news to bear. Denny and Terry were a formidable team together, and they and their Company have lead the way in many of the industry's now common techniques, and innovations. The following come to mind, to name but a few:

  • The 'Crazy Horse Rig'

  • Squishy Lens

  • Shaker Lens

  • Clairmont Swing and Shift Lenses

Terry was also an accomplished Cinematographer. For those who don't know them or their company personally, perhaps you have seen or used equipment somewhere in the world from a bright Yellow flight case. If it wasn't on rent from them, then it certainly started out as theirs. Anyway chances are that at some point along their career path you owe Terry, Denny or both of them just a little thanks. Terry you will be very much missed by an indebted and grateful industry".

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