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1. The name of the organization will be the GUILD OF BRITISH CAMERA TECHNICIANS (gbct).

2. The objects of the Guild are three-fold:

2.1 To ensure that the value of camera technicians is recognised, not only by members of the moving picture industries but also by Government and members of the general public.

2.2 To promote and provide the means whereby members may meet socially and professionally with other members of the Guild, as well as other bodies and individuals whose interests are allied to that of moving picture imaging.

2.3 To further the standards of professional conduct and achievement by the members (of the Guild) and thereby inspire and encourage new membership.

3. The Guild’s remit does not involve negotiating for labour benefits with employers, nor does it impingeupon or interfere with the relationship between its members and any recognised trade union to which they may belong. However, this does not prevent the Guild from taking a stance in exceptional circumstances, to be considered and agreed on a case by case basis by the Board.

4.1 The affairs of The Guild will be managed by an elected Board of between seven and fifteen members. Board Members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. The four Board Members who have served the longest shall, by system of rota, resign each year and may stand for re-election. Guild Members are entitled to nominate any number of Candidates, provided that any proposer(s) are able to warrant the Candidate's willingness to stand for election to the Board.

4.2 The Board shall elect from amongst their colleagues a Chairperson, two Vice-Chairpersons and any other Officers that it deems necessary. This will be done by ballot, or a show of hands, at the first Board meeting after the Annual General Meeting, or at any period to fill a casual vacancy.

4.3 The Board shall appoint an Honorary Treasurer.

5. A minimum of six Board meetings will be held in any financial year and the quorum will be four Board Members.

6. The Board will have sole control of the affairs and funds of the Guild and it will have the power to co- opt members onto the Board, or its sub-committee, to assist in the discharge of its duties. Co-opted members of The Board shall serve in office until the next Annual General Meeting and may stand for re-election under Clause 4. An emergency meeting of the general membership may be called by a petition presented to The Board, signed by not less than thirty full Members. The petition must contain comprehensive details of the matter to be discussed and the quorum for such a meeting will be thirty. A period of no more than 21 days must elapse between the petition being presented and the meeting occurring.

7.1 Entry to the Guild is at the discretion of the Board and is limited to those members of the motion picture industry whose work brings them into direct contact with motion picture cameras.

7.2 Applicants for membership must support the Guild’s aims and be sponsored by at least four Guild members with whom they have worked, or three member sponsors and a workplace assessed qualification, recognised by the Board and at its discretion.

7.3 Evidence as to the status and ability of an applicant will be requested by the Board or its sub-committee and their decision is final. Applications to the Guild will take the form of a “request to invite” and no applicant will have the automatic right of membership.

7.4 An entry fee and subscription will be payable in advance of an applicant becoming a member, after they have been invited to join. The level of entry fee for all applicants and annual subscription for all categories of members will be decided by the Board.

8.1 The Board will constitute a separate Committee to examine any complaints relating to the conduct of Guild Members. The Board’s decision may culminate in expulsion from the Guild, depending on the circumstances.

8.2 Suspension of a member will normally occur automatically should three months elapse without subscription payment. Members with financial difficulties may apply for dispensation from the Board, providing that they do so within the three-month period.

9.1 The Annual General Meeting of the Guild will be held as soon as practicable after the Annual Accounts have been prepared and within a period of not more than fifteen months after the preceding Annual General Meeting.

9.2 Voting on any matter at the meeting, including the election of Board Members, will be by a show of hands, unless a third of the Membership present requests a ballot. Members unable to attend any such meeting will be entitled to vote by proxy, but such Members must provide a written authorisation for another Member to exercise this right on their behalf. No Member may exercise more than four proxy votes on behalf of other Members.

9.3 Nominations for Board Members should be received by the Board at least seven days before the Annual General Meeting. Nominations will be accepted at the meeting itself, provided The Nominee is present, or has notified, in writing, their willingness to stand.

10. Amendments to the Constitution may only be made at a meeting which has been convened under rule and the proposed amendments must appear on the Agenda. The quorum for any such meeting where amendments are discussed will be forty-one full members. Two-thirds of those members present must vote for the amendment in order for it to be accepted.

11. The dissolution of the Guild can be brought about by a two-thirds majority at a specially convened General Meeting of the Membership. The quorum for such a meeting will be forty-one full Members. In the event of any such dissolution, the assets or liabilities of the Guild will be divided amongst the existing Members who, by acceptance of these rules, undertake to honour any commitments that such dissolution would incur. In the event of such, a General Meeting being unable to obtain a quorum at three successive meetings, the Chairman is empowered to declare The Guild dissolved, providing that it is financially in credit.

12.1 The function of the Trustees will be as custodians of the Constitution and as such they will be the final arbiters in any dispute concerning its interpretation. The minimum number of Trustees will be 3 with a maximum of 7 Trustees at any one time.

12.2 Trustees are appointed by the Board with the approval of the existing Trustees and will be formally welcomed by the Membership at the next Annual General Meeting. Re-election formalities will take place on an annual basis. A Member of the Guild can be elected to the post of Trustee but s/he may not concurrently be a Member of the Board, or be involved with any of its business.


Amendments approved by the GBCT Trustees and Membership at the AGM’s of 30 April 2020 and 25 June 2020


Dated this 25th day of June 2020

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