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The GBCT provides an all-encompassing approach to training and education which:

  •  Provides its membership with updated information, seminars, workshops and training courses (some courses are open to non-members).

  •  Promotes top quality Trainee Schemes for Camera, Script Supervisors, DITs, 3D Stereo ACs and Grips. These Schemes are run at key stages throughout the year to provide productions with trainees in the different roles as and when required.

  • Exemplifies a proactive work ethic that continually analyses industry developments so that all Guild training remains highly relevant, current and practical.  

The Guild works closely with equipment houses and facilities companies as well as ScreenSkills (, the GBCT is often able to get subsidy funding for some of its more expensive courses. In addition, the GBCT is an active member of the Cine Guilds of Great Britain (CGGB)* and the Moving Image Training Alliance (MITA)*. Because of its considerable experience of developing and running a variety of different training courses in the UK and overseas, the GBCT is able to design a jigsaw of courses for different levels of knowledge - not just in cinematography but across a host of the different specialist craft areas that are covered by members of the Cine Guilds.

If you are interested in attending a Guild workshop or training course specifically aimed at current practitioners, please regularly check the Home Page of our website for dates and prices.

*The CGGB (Cine Guilds of Great Britain) comprises the following organisations:

BSC British Society of Cinematographers; GBCT Guild of British Camera Technicians;
GLM Guild of Location Managers (now incorporated with the Production Guild); GBFTE Guild of British Film and Television Editors;
BFDG British Film Designers Guild; AMPS Association of Motion Picture Sound;
GSAC Guild of Stunt and Action Coordinators; NASMAH National Association of Screen Make-Up

*MITA (The Moving Image Training Alliance) comprises the following organizations:

B3 Media; BECTU; Big Up Films; Cineclub; Documentary Filmmakers Group; DV Talent; Film It; Film London; First Light Movies; Four Corners; FT2; Greasepaint; GBCT; Hi8us South; Indie Training Fund; Phoenix Cinema; Playful Innovations; Praxis Films; Profile Media Services; Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication; Raw Material Music and Media; Red Kite Learning; Shaun Moore Design; Short Courses at the NFTS; Skills Channel TV; SPACE Media Arts; Spectacle; TAPS; The Film and Video Workshop; The Production Guild of Great Britain; The Video College; VET (Video Engineering Training).

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