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Deanne Edwards: 4th August 1955- 20th December 2022

Dee’s career in the film and television industry spanned almost 40 years, starting as a P.A. in the BBC’s Documentaries Department. She progressed to Researcher, on ground-breaking and multi-award-winning RTS and BAFTA documentaries.  She moved to be Head of Production for Antelope Films and then became an independent Producer.

She was honoured for Services to Television in 1997 and was quietly proud of being publicly acknowledged. Also much entertained by the added bonus of finding a parking space that no one else had spotted within the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

Dee’s next move took her to The National Film and Television School, where she ran the Short Course Unit from 1993 to 2006, expanding their range from 40 to 130 courses and regularly training over 1500 participants per year.  She wrote the Short Courses academic programme and established the first Masters’ Degree qualification for vocational training and education. Based on her success at the NFTS, Dee was invited to bring her innovative vocational training programmes to countries across the globe including the United States, Australia, Malta, Ireland, Denmark, Vietnam, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Palestine, Israel, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia and China.

In 2008, Dee brought her expertise to The Guild of British Camera Technicians, where she shone her brightest. 

Dee was everything the Guild stood for. She had boundless Integrity, she was honourable and progressive, continually striving to maintain the high standards and consequent reputation of The Guild.  She was a people person and a force of nature. She knew every member of The Guild and had a unique talent for forging connections, encouraging and making an impact on a multitude of careers.  She dispensed wise advice and always had time for those who needed a good friend to talk to, no matter how busy she was.  

Her dream for the GBCT and for the industry she loved was training -  always at the forefront, ensuring that courses were accessible to all and taught to the highest standard by members. She pushed to create the best trainee scheme in the country, one of which attracts over 700 applicants every time it runs. She didn’t just concentrate on the UK either. She built on her experience from the NFTS and was involved in designing courses across the world. She knew the importance of not just training new entrants, but making sure that everyone was able to progress in their careers, which she then followed and encouraged. 

Dee was particularly proud of her key role in the retraining course the GBCT did in partnership with Help for Heroes and Screen Skills.  She recognised the value of those ex-service men and women, and how their skills could transfer to our industry in every department.

She was determined that GBCT technicians should be “the best of the best”.  Not only would this benefit our members, but our industry as a whole.  She saw the bigger picture - often much sooner than others.  

Dee strongly believed in family, friends and community.  So much so, that her door was open to any members who had nowhere to go on Christmas Day. 


She is a great loss to all those who had the privilege of knowing her. She gave us the best anyone could give. 

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