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Cinematographer Manoj Paramhamsa Uses Cooke Anamorphic/i FFLenses to Bring Out the Beauty, Softness and Warmth in Leo

Cooke anamorphic lenses alleviate the concerns of Indian skin tones, field of view and close focus for the third film in the Lokesh Cinematic Universe

Leo is the third film in the Lokesh Cinematic Universe. Inspired by the A History of Violence graphic novel series, Lokesh Kanagaraj’s Tamil-language action thriller follows family man Parthi who resides in Northwestern India where he owns a coffee shop and helps the local forest ranger rescue animals. His attempts to keep a low profile fall short after he saves the townsfolk from a wild spotted hyena and makes national news. Anarmy of crazed and dangerous gangsters begin to hunt Parthi, obsessed with their belief that he is in fact Leo, a master criminal and son of their kingpin Antony Das. Parthi must fight to protect his family and convince them of his innocence…

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