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ACO Ronin 4D Demo Tuesday 16th April Shift 4, London N1

In conjunction with April’s release of A24’s new film Civil War, directed by Alex Garland with cinematographer Rob Hardy ASC BSC. We are offering a hands on demonstration of DJI’s Ronin 4D camera system which was selected as one of the primary camera systems for production of Civil War.

This hands on 4 hour demo will be held in two sessions (AM and PM) at Shift 4 on the 16th April 2024. The demonstration will be delivered by Chris DuMont who operated C Camera and teched the Ronin 4D’s for the film.

The Ronin 4D demo is open to Full, Associate and Friend Members of the ACO. The aim of the demonstration is to establish a basic understanding of what the Ronin 4D is, how it can be used on productions, it’s limitations and why it’s an important tool for the operators toolbox.”

Due to the nature of this demo, spaces are limited, so if you are interested please do email your CV to: as soon as possible. Please also specify whether you would prefer the AM, PM sessions or if either works.

Please note that there will be a small 'Additional Subscription' fee to attend this workshop that will go towards the covering of the necessary insurances and logistics of this workshop. This fee will need to be paid by the 12th April to confirm your place for all successful applicants selected to attend.

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