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If you are looking for highly trained camera people - from Directors of Photography to 2AC's - to work on your production anywhere in the world, then look no further because

... The GBCT brings together the very best of the best talent available
The Care, Committment and Quality of Cinematography
- Through Progress and Innovation -

The Guild of British Camera Technicians is not a union but an Association of professional camera technicians dedicated to upholding quality and standards in the film, television and related media industries.  A not-for-profit organization, the GBCT represents top-class award-winning camera technicians who work in many different specialist areas of the industry especially Feature Film, Television Comedy, TV Drama as well as high-end Documentary, Factual and Entertainment programmes.

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Important Dates for your Diary

THE DIGITAL IMAGING TECHNICIAN - New Dates: Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd January 2015
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Wednesday 28th January, 7.00 - 9.30pm, De Lane Lea Screening Theatre
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BSC SHOW – Friday 30 and Saturday 31 January 2015:

BVE EXCEL - 24th - 26th February
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GBCT ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - Saturday 25th April, 10.00 am
Panavision Screening Theatre

Latest News

 BSC Expo


Based at 01 Zero-One in the heart of Soho, the Creative Hub will provide eligible entrepreneurs with a minimum of 12 hours of support which includes:

  • 1-1 support from experienced coaches and mentors
  • Opportunities for networking with other existing businesses
  • Seminars, master classes, one-day surgeries and short business support courses
  • Access to business and knowledge hubs for ongoing advice and support which responds to the needs of small to medium creative businesses in the visual and digital media sector

For more information and an informal chat, contact Nina Jassal, Project Manager on 020 7391 6402 or email her:


We go to print on this shortly and will be sending out books from the end of November so that everyone has a brand new copy to start off the New Year!  If you haven’t already reserved your copy, then email us at: to make sure a copy is sent to you.


If you are interested in taking part in any of these courses, please complete a course application form and return it to the Guild Office together with a copy of your CV.  There is a selection process.  More information about what each course covers is available by going to the TRAINING section of this website – or simply click here.

See course dates above in Dates for your Diary or the training section fo this website.

We are in the process of finalizing the schedule for our Evening Seminars and should be able to announce dates and venues very soon.

Patron News


Announced that it will include ProRes 3.2K in a software update scheduled for release early next year. ProRes 3.2K – a new recording format for its Alexa cameras – allows the same easy up- sampling in post to UHD deliverables as ARRIRAW Open Gate does for 4K.

“Designed from the outset to be adaptable and future-proof, Alexa can easily accommodate productions that choose to follow a UHD or 4K workflow,” said Alexa product manager Marc Shipman-Mueller. “The camera’s stellar overall image quality in combination with ProRes 3.2K or ARRIRAW Open Gate allows for simple up-sampling to UHD or 4K in a quality at least as good as other contenders. And because of their unequaled exposure latitude and highlight handling, Alexa images are already uniquely HDR compatible.”

At data rates far below uncompressed ARRIRAW, ProRes 3.2K provides the benefits of the well-established ProRes workflow. As an additional benefit, most lenses fully cover the 3.2K image circle that results from the 16:9 ProRes 3.2K image. A straightforward up-sample from ProRes 3.2K using standard post tools delivers UHD images.

Many high-profile movies have been shot in ARRIRAW 2.8K and up-sampled to a 4K DCP, an example being the last James Bond film, Skyfall. To further improve upon this option, ARRI introduced the ARRIRAW Open Gate recording format for Alexa XT cameras earlier this year. Open Gate records the full 3.4K Alexa XT sensor area for an optimal up-sample in post to a 4K DCP.

Open Gate has been used on numerous productions, including Warcraft, San Andreas, Pixels, Goosebumps and Sicario, the latest movie lensed by Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC. Other feature films are shooting ARRIRAW 16:9 or ARRIRAW 4:3 and using Open Gate selectively for VFX shots, including Terminator: Genesis, Fantastic 4, Agent 47 and Deus Ex Machina.


Sony will be unveiling its raft of special training courses and events for the Autumn shortly.  Why not go to their website to chec.  Or call: Saira Atwal on 07788 364839.


Panavision’s newest lenses – specifically designed for today’s digital cameras – have been in constant use ever since the PRIMO V SERIES LENSES were launched.  Built with the same glass that made the Primo lenses a coveted choice for film cameras, Primo V’s newly developed optics offer a way to smooth the visuals from the hyper sharpness of electronic image capture.  For more information, visit


Download FormThe GBCT believes that it is a vital part of its mission, to promote excellence within the camera department, to ensure that talented professionals are treated with the respect they deserve. We believe that this respect should be shown in the conditions under which our professional technicians are engaged to deliver their high quality services. To this end we have drawn up working terms and conditions that any professional camera technician should expect to receive in the workplace.

 The GBCT feels that it is the duty of all its members to negotiate conditions on all their jobs that use these terms as the basis for their engagement.  The pdf will permanently be available from the About Us Menu dropdown - but you can download it now by clicking on the pdf logo.




 Who Needs Sleep?

Documentary 2006 directed by Haskell Wexler ASC Synopsis: A documentary that highlights the deadly combination of sleep deprivation and long days of work ...