"The #CSeries Anamorphics contributed powerful visual elements to 'Charlene's Journey'. Being a run and gun shoot, we relied a lot on the lenses and locations to pull most of the weight. The compact size of the C Series meant myself and 2nd Unit DP Ewan Donachie were able to shoot easyrig and gimbal for long periods of time, while still achieving a beautiful image.

Being my first experience shooting with the C Series anamorphics, I couldn't pull my head away from the monitor all day. The lush bokeh and organic feel from these lenses were a huge treat and really added to the heartwarming story. I found myself shooting predominantly on the 100mm, while 2nd Unit ran with the 50mm on the gimbal.

I'd like to say a really special thanks to Sue Garnsey and the prep team at #Panavision Sydney for their support. Also, a huge thanks to the team, director Andre Rodriguez and Electric Lime Films for having me on board." DP Tom Black on "Charlene's Journey" Production Company: electriclimefilms Director: André Rodrigues DOP: Tom Black 2nd Unit DOP: Ewan Donnachie AD: Rebecca Wilson Executive Producer: Michael Ahmadzadeh Drone Pilot: Kristian Brassington Drone Ground Support: Duncan Gow BTS: Michael Cobley Edit/Colour Grading: André Rodrigues Filmed in Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia

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