Director of Photography Laurie Rose on shooting the award-winning Stan & Ollie. Shot on ARRI Alexa SXT cameras and a lens package of Cooke Optics S4 T2 primes and a FUJINON Lenses Alura zoom from Take 2 Films. “I love the look and feel of the Alexa sensor, and know the camera pretty well,” says Rose about his kit and framing decisions. “In the mid-1930s, almost all lenses used in Hollywood and the UK were, in fact, Cookes, mainly due to their speed. Both Cooke and I wanted to honour that legacy. They invited me to test the uncoated Cooke S4s, which had only just been announced, but they proved a little too uncontrolled for my intended look. So I went with the coated S4s. As for the aspect ratio, widescreen is a received cinematic language that still differentiates the large and small screens, although the gap is narrowing. So, we shot 16:9 2.8K ARRIRAW and framed for a 2.39:1 extraction." Read the full article on the British Cinematographer Magazine websie here: https://britishcinematographer.co.uk/laurie-rose-bsc-stan-ollie/

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