With the global slow down due to Covid19 which has brought most world wide productions to an abrupt end, we understand these are difficult times for GBCT members, the BSC and the film community in general. We are acutely aware of how this effects not just members but also the support industries which are all linked to production. We understand many members may now have time on their hands and are therefore taking the time to review their web sites and marketing platforms. With this in mind we at Cooke Optics are interested in hearing from members who believe they have interesting case studies for inclusion on our Motion Gallery website www.shotoncooke.com. The site offers a wealth of production and technical data on each production, supporting service company information about rental and post service facilities. Along with testimonial insight from each contributing DOP. If you have the time please review the site and get in touch via the email shotoncooke@cookeptics.com The GBCT has been a fantastic help and support with the Cooke factory tours. These are being paused until it is safe to restart them but perhaps instead you can pop in to tour the new modernised factory virtually through the eyes of Film and Video Times Editor Jon Fauer ⁣https://www.fdtimes.com/

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