A sensible man said to me recently: “What an extraordinary world we live in….but the majority of us are reasonable and decent people who will adapt….”

So we are adapting – we are going to be working from home until further notice – We will wait until some sensible, truthful and understandable information is provided. Call or email the office if you need anything – calls are being transferred to our mobiles. Just remember, we are all pretty resilient and will get through this. The Guild has been around for a long time and once this passes we’ll still be here – coffee ready, hot samosas freshly made and ready to be gobbled up! And if you don’t like samosas then we have chocolate biscuits, easy-peel oranges, bananas, jelly babies and wine gums! PROMISE ME YOU WILL ALL KEEP YOUR SPIRITS UP – HAVE A GIGGLE ON THE WAY – AND STAY WELL.

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