"It is a pleasure to share the International Cinematographers Guild’s perspectives on the issues facing our craft and our members’ safety initiatives with you. These were originally presented at the recent International Cinematographers Symposium. We strongly support and laude the ASC’s efforts to foster worldwide dialog and education among cinematographers. We are one community, joined together by a passion for our craft and united by the common struggle for the recognition of the cinematographers’ roles as well as for fair pay and safe working conditions for our crews. We speak with one voice. The ICG offered to share links to our recent safety videos as well as a link to the code for our Local 600 Safety App, so you may modify it as appropriate for crews working in your part of the world. The safety videos and my presentation to the Symposium can be downloaded via this link: You can read the presentation document but there are also 4 videos to watch:

  1. Sarah Jones – 1 year video

  2. Handheld filming in vehicles

  3. If not now – when

  4. Fire in the hole

Feel free to use the videos for educational purposes as you see fit. My presentation contains an introduction and background about the issues Local 600 members are addressing in each of the videos. Please credit the International Cinematographers Guild, IATSE Local 600 when you present the video."

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