As you know, the GBCT is a Trustee of a new charity called BACKUP. Financial support is provided to technicians/professionals working in film, TV and live events (including theatre) who are ill and unable to work. This can be caused by an accident or long-term illness. BACKUP offers support and help to get people back on their feet. Grants are tailored to an individual’s needs and can include essential living costs, medical related expenses, advice, re-training and travel. BACKUP works closely with people as they understand the support needed and ensure that help is targeted effectively and quickly. Is there anyone you know who needs help? One way YOU can help – and which costs you no money – is if you use Amazon when online shopping. You can support the Charity at no cost to you! Amazon will donate 0.5% of the net purchase price (exludes VAT, returns and shipping fees) to the charity. So next time you order something from Amazon, go to TO SUPPORT BACKUP: On the right of the page type in “BACKUP” and click on the SEARCH button. Click on SELECT next to BACKUP, acknowledge by ticking the box on the next page and click START SHOPPING. You’re all set, choose what you like, finish your purchase and next time you order from amazon use that same link! Thank you for helping – and the people who will benefit from this also thank you.

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