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The GBCT announces a new Chief Operating Officer - Lorraine Luke

The GBCT Board are very pleased to announce that Lorraine Luke has agreed to join us to continue and expand on Dee’s wonderful legacy.

Lorraine started her career in the film industry in 1989 as a Job fit Trainee on How to Get Ahead in Advertising. She continued to get ahead and by 1991 she was regularly employed as a Clapper Loader and progressed to Focus Puller from 2000. She was highly thought of and sought after, but decided, after much thought, to leave the industry in 2007. She re-trained in complementary healthcare, with a particular interest in mental health. Her knowledge and experience from being in the Camera Department, combined with the caring and compassionate qualities that led her to re-train make her perfect for the job of steering us all into a productive and fulfilling 2024. Lorraine will start in January and have the full support of the Board, as we re-structure and concentrate on building on and improving our diversity and inclusivity, as well as encouraging members in their career development and progression.

A message from Lorraine:

I feel extremely privileged to be taking up the mantle of running the Guild of Camera Technicians. (GBCT). I met Dee a few times when I worked in the industry and was fully in awe of her and the work she did. She’s left big shoes to fill. Fortunately, the Board consists of an amazing group of people, who I believe will support me, as I will support them and all the GBCT family. I look forward to working with you.

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