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Press release - Cannes 2024 selection features 29 productions shot on KODAK film

Kodak Motion Picture and Entertainment is celebrating twenty-nine productions shot on film at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. Five on-film titles Anora, Bird, Grand Tour, Kinds of Kindness and Motel Destino, will compete for the Palme d’Or, with an additional four titles featured in Un Certain Regard and sixteen titles across Directors’ Fortnight and Critics’ Week captured on film. 16mm film continues to prove its popularity and relevance with 23 of the on-film titles at the festival choosing it as their capture medium.

"It’s wonderful to see continued recognition of artists who prioritize film capture at Cannes,” said Vanessa Bendetti, Head of Kodak Motion Picture and Entertainment. “The shot-on-film productions at the festival this year are testimony to the medium’s cinematic value and that you can successfully shoot film all around the world at varied budget levels. Congratulations to each of the exceptional analog filmmakers selected for Cannes 2024. Kodak is proud to support your creative visions.”

Shot-on-film productions competing or screening as part of the Official Selection at the Cannes Film Festival 2024 between 14 – 25 May include:

Official Competition

  • Motel Destino - Karim Aïnouz, DP Hélène Louvart (16mm)

  • Bird - Andrea Arnold, DP Robbie Ryan (16mm)

  • Anora - Sean Baker, DP Drew Daniels (35mm)

  • Grand Tour - Miguel Gomes, DP Gui Liang | Sayombhu Mukdeeprom | Rui Poças


  • Kinds of Kindness - Yorgos Lanthimos, DP Robbie Ryan (35mm) Un Certain Regard

Un Certain Regard

  • September Says - Ariane Labed, DP Balthazar Lab (35mm)

  • Viet and Nam - Truong Minh Quy, DP Son Doan (16mm)

  • Armand - Halfdan Ullmann Tøndel, DP Pål Ulvik Rokseth (16mm)

  • When the Light Breaks Through - Rúnar Rúnarsson, DP Sophia Olsson (16mm

Directors’ Fortnight - Long Features Competition

  • East of Noon (Sharq 12) Hala Elkoussy, DP Abdelsalam Moussa (35mm/16mm)

  • Gazer - Ryan J. Sloan, DP Matheus Bastos (16mm) first feature film

  • Savanna and the Mountain (A savana e a montanha) - Paulo Carneiro, DP Duarte

Domingos (16mm)

  • Sister Midnight - Karan Kandhari, DP Sverre Sørdal (35mm)

  • To a Land Unknown - Mahdi Fleifel, DP Thodoros Mihopoulos (16mm)

  • Christmas Eve at Miller’s Point - Tyler Taormina, DP Carson Lund (Digital/16mm)

Directors’ Fortnight - Short Films

  • Immaculata - Kim Lêa Sakkal, DP Paul Faltz (16mm)

  • Our Own Shadow (Nuestra sombra) - Agustina Sánchez Gavier, DP Constanza

Sandoval (16mm)

  • The Moving Garden (O jardim em movimento) - Inês Lima, DP Victor Neves Ferreira

(16mm) When the Land Runs Away (Quando a terra foge / Quand la terre se dérobe) -

Frederico Lobo (16mm)

Critics’ Week - Long Features Competition

  • Blue Sun Palace - Constance Tsang, DP Norm Li (16mm)

  • Julie Keeps Quiet (Julie Zwijgt) - Leonardo Van Dijl, DP Nikolas Karakatsanis (35mm)

Critics’ Week - Short Films

  • My Senses Are All I Have to Offer (As minhas sensações são tudo o que tenho para

oferecer) - Isadora Neves Marques, DP Marta Simões (16mm)

  • What we Ask of a Statue is That it Doesn’t Move (Ce qu'on demande à une statue

c'est qu'elle ne bouge pas) - Daphné Hérétakis, DP Daphné Hérétakis | Robin Fresson


  • She Stays (Ella se Queda) - Marinthia Gutiérrez Velazco, DP Mayela Ponce (16mm)

  • Montsouris Park (Montsouris) - Guil Sela, DP Tara-Jay Bangalter (16mm)

ACID Selection – Long Features

  • It Doesn't Matter - Josh Mond (Digital/35mm) Official Selection Court Métrage/Short

Films Competition

  • Ootidė - Razumaitė Eglė, DP Nojus Drasutis (16mm Reversal) Short Film Corner

  • Zasady - Amanda Renee Knox (16mm) • Dog Days - Carlotta Beck Peccoz (16mm)

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