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Pact/Bectu TV Drama Negociations Update

The Pact Bectu TV Drama Agreement was signed in 2017 and has improved working conditions for crew, including eradicating buy out contracts and formalising terms across scripted drama.

Over the last six months your Bectu member representatives and officials have been negotiating with Pact to improve terms and conditions for crew working in TV Drama.

Bectu first wrote to Pact in May 2021 to initiate renegotiations and after a considerable delay from Pact the first meeting took place at the end of September 2021.

Some progress has been made during talks, particularly around prep and wrap and limiting the length of the working day.

However, your representatives believe the latest offer from Pact does not go far enough to address issues such as lack of time with family and wellbeing, which are the primary concerns of the negotiating team and membership.

Due to these urgent concerns not being resolved and the slow pace of talks your representatives feel they now have no choice but to give 6 months’ notice to terminate the agreement. Bectu values the agreement and is fully committed to finding a resolution to the current impasse, we will continue to engage in talks with Pact to find a resolution.

We have formed a member campaign committee to plan the next steps and will update you in due course. It is vital that you support this work and encourage everyone you work with to come together, get involved and join the union.

The stronger your union, the louder your voice.

Yours sincerely,

Spencer Macdonald – RPD and LPD National Secretary

Paula Lamont – LPD Assistant National Secretary

Andrew Jennings - RPD Assistant National Secretary

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