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Mark Milsome Foundation Survey

Updated: Jan 4

Mark Milsome Foundation launched a survey on crew perceptions of health and safety on UK sets.

As the 6th anniversary of Mark’s death approaches and the industry readies itself for a full return to work after the strikes, our goal is to ensure that all crew are returning to a safe work environment and that employers are committed to improving on-set safety.We have joined forces with Bectu to conduct an all important new survey regarding the safety of all cast and crew working in the UK film and TV industry. The survey, entitled "A Few Minutes for Mark,” is of great significance, as its findings will help us evaluate whether conditions have changed for the better or worse since our last survey, thus informing our future advocacy efforts.We invite all UK crew who work on set within the UK film and TV industry to dedicate a few minutes in honour of Mark and share their insights on the safety measures in place on productions that they have worked on.Please share the link to the survey with all of your colleagues in the film and TV industry.

This survey launched on Friday 27th October and closes at 9am on Monday 13th November 2023 and the survey results are being published ahead of Mark’s 6th anniversary on 18th November.

We sincerely appreciate all of your support and interest in the Foundation’s work.

All the best

Sam Wainstein

(Chair, Mark Milsome Foundation)

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