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Mark Milsome Foundation Online Health & Safety Course

Thanks to the generous support of the MMF, all those who get through to the GBCT Camera Trainee course itself are provided with an H&S and a First Aid course free.

But if you are a GBCT Member, if you are in the industry, and you haven’t yet completed the H&S course, please take it and help to make the industry a safer place. Tell everyone you know about it and give them the information below.

The course covers the issues that the MMF believe failed Mark Milsome in Ghana in November 2017. It includes the areas identified by over 2000 crew who responded to the MMF survey last year, many of whom were GBCT members.

It takes only 90 minutes to complete – please do it.

You will receive a 5-Year Production Safety Passport recognised industry-wide from ScreenSkills.

The course is available at or via for a fee of £20 plus VAT.

All profits have been gifted to the Mark Milsome Foundation, Mark’s wife, Daughter and Parents.

"Mark would still be with us today if this course had existed in 2017. I strongly urge all crew and, very importantly, production, to take this course and make the industry a safer place. Do it for your families, for your colleagues and for Mark. This absolutely should become an industry standard”.

(Andra Milsome)

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