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Health & Safety in the Film Industry

Sophie Van Bruges is a BBC journalist, currently working on a documentary and looking for participants. The investigation is about health and safety on film and TV sets and how there are calls for universal guidelines to be used on all productions when they start, no matter what area of the production you’re working in or on. The programme is looking for lots of examples of accidents and near misses happening on set as things get rushed through, lack of time and money pressures from studios resulting in issues on all sides of the camera.

- Ideally it would be someone who says something along the lines of:

‘We were filming and “X” happened, and we were told not to report it’. (HSE report that accidents in this sector are widely underreported because it often means productions can be shut down and delayed and adds to costs).

Anyone who wants to discuss further (in confidence) can contact Sophie on:

07786 071927 or email:

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