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    The BCTV has recently reduced the service requirement for membership. From now on applicant swill only have to show that they have accumulated 25 years of service in the film and television industry (in any capacity other than in front of the camera, i.e. everyone from cinema usherettes to Directors of Photography). Applicants will still have to show that, cumulatively, two of those years were in the feature film side of the industry if they are to get the cinema pass that allows the member free entry for themselves and one other into most of the main cinema chains to see films at off-peak times (Mon-Thurs before 6pm.).

    Go to this linkfor full details:

    British Cinema and Television Veterans, BCTV - Becoming a member

  • 15 October 2023 17:19 | GBCT Info (Administrator)

    An Introduction to Focus Pulling

    Calling all new focus pullers & established loaders wishing to step up!

    We are running a 5-day course in partnership with Panavision London where we’ll cover everything you need to know to help you transition into your new role.

    Through theoretical and practical exercises you’ll learn about your role and responsibilities as a focus puller from prep to wrap, your practical duties on set, the tools, techniques and equipment you’ll use and how to employ your knowledge to deal with a wide range of shots.

    When: 27th November to 1st Dec.

    Where: Panavision London

    Price: £700 inc VAT per person

    (£650 inc VAT for GBCT Members)

    To secure your spot, please visit

    or use the QR code or link below:


    You may be eligible for financial help with the cost of this course.

    Please visit

    We will be running

    additional regional courses in Glasgow, and Belfast

    in the new year.

    To register your interest in these courses, please email with FP Glasgow or FP Belfast in the ‘subject’ line.

  • 15 October 2023 17:12 | GBCT Info (Administrator)

    16 & 35mm Film Familiarisation Workshop

    We're inviting 2nd A.C.'s and experienced trainees to a special 4-daycourse to gain hands-on experience in loading a variety of the different film cameras most commonly used in production today.

    In addition to in depth practical exercises, candidates will learn basic the history and philosophy of film and the discipline of managing film cameras and film stocks as a holistic, coherent system on set, whatever size set that may be.

    When: 21st - 24th November

    Where: Panavision London

    Price: £700 inc VAT per person

    (£650 inc VAT for GBCT Members)

    To secure your spot, please visit:,

    or use this QR code or the link below:


    You may be eligible for financial help with the cost of this course.

    Please visit

    We will be running

    additional regional courses in Glasgow, and Belfast

    in the new year.

    To register your interest in these courses, please email with FILM Glasgow or FILM Belfast in the ‘subject’ line.

  • 17 September 2023 15:18 | GBCT Info (Administrator)

    The strikes in the USA have come at a time when we were already suffering from a downturn in production followed by the cost-of-living-crisis. This triple whammy has meant that about three quarters of the workforce is not earning at a time of rapidly rising prices. Indeed, a number have already left the industry as the only way to survive. Those who are staying and holding out for better times are finding their resources running out very rapidly. While there is lobbying going on to improve the way intermittent workers in our industry are cared for during times of low production, it is unlikely that this or the next government will be minded to do anything.

    Such provisions as are common in France for Intermittent Workers are a long way off in the UK as our politicians are of the small businessman attitude that they don’t want to pay for anything that does not appear to be directly related to productivity. We will not soon persuade them that if they want the convenience of the freelance system, they will have to pay for it. 

    In the short term, which is what is facing us right now, the guild and institutions around the industry must step up to the mark. The Film and TV Charity (FTC) and Back-up Tech Charity ( are there for workers in our industry. If any member is finding themselves in real difficulty, they should contact these organisations. The Guild has received the following message from the FTC:

    This summer, hard-working people in our industry are facing real uncertainty. Adding to existing worries about the cost of living and other pressures on their mental health, your friends and colleagues need support! 

    That’s why it’s more important than ever that we highlight the important work from the Film and TV Charity. From grants and financial guidance to its 24/7 free and confidential Support Line, their services are here to help through the tough times.

    Spread the word to your communities and networks by:

    • Sharing their social posts

    • Giving them a follow and signing up to their newsletter

    • And if you can, make a donation to support your industry through the tough times.

    So spread the word, and if you can, donate today. Together, we can make sure no one struggles alone.

    Together #WeAreFilmandTV

  • 17 September 2023 15:18 | GBCT Info (Administrator)

    The GUILD of BRITISH CAMERA TECHNICIANS stands with the WGA and SAG-AFTRA. A fair and sustainable deal is the bedrock of our industry. It is the necessary background hygiene for all, from the highest flyers to the lowest paid of our colleagues. We all strive for a level of excellence and professionalism in all our work, which cannot be achieved without adequate pay and a good work/life balance. We send our heartfelt encouragement to our colleagues and friends in the USA.


    Chair of the Board of Governors


  • 21 August 2023 15:14 | GBCT Admin (Administrator)

    Crew suspended – Force Majeure

    The union has been informed a number of productions have suspended crew as a result of the ongoing dispute with WGA and SAG. Bectu has taken legal advice regarding the imposed suspension of crew and the use of force majeure. The advice unfortunately confirms that productions can suspend crew using force majeure and relieve the production of their duties under the contract. Please see legal advice below.

    "A force majeure clause in a contract usually provides that, where an extraordinary event occurs that is outside a party’s control, the obligations and liabilities under the contract can be varied, either by allowing a short delay in performance, for the affected party to not perform the contract at all and, in some instances, giving rise to a right to terminate the contract.

    In English law, there is no single legal definition of “force majeure”. Translated literally, the phrase means “superior force”. A contract may specific a list of uncontrollable incidents or circumstances that would prevent the contract being performed, or simply provide that any event beyond a party’s control will amount to force majeure.

    Force majeure events are usually stipulated by a contract as being unpredictable events that fall into natural incidents (i.e. earthquakes, floods, fires, etc.) and human created incidents (i.e. wars, invasions, strikes) and are often defined precisely to capture industry-specific risks.

    Usually, a force majeure clause in a contract will only relieve the affected party of its obligations where performance of its obligations is imposed, or it is unable to perform the contract rather than simply being hindered or delayed. In addition, the events must be the sole reason and not one of many reasons as to why the contact cannot be performed.

    Strike action may be considered a force majeure event if it is beyond the affected party’s control, the affected party has taken reasonable steps to avoid it and it is the only reason the contract cannot be performed (plus, the affected party must be willing to perform the contact in the absence of the force majeure event)."

    We appreciate that this is a very worrying time for members, we will continue to monitor the situation and provide further guidance and helpful information as the situation develops.

    BECTU has informed the Guild that it will continue to seek legal advice on the issue of Force Majeure being used by parties to a dispute, which under some circumstances is against UK law.

  • 16 July 2023 13:46 | GBCT Info (Administrator)

    Ossie’s Funeral Service will take place at 11:40 am on Tuesday the 18th of July at:


    West Herts Crematorium. (South Chapel)

    High Elms Lane. Garson, Watford, Herts.

    WD25 0JS.

    Tel No: 01923 673285.

    Ossie’s family would like to invite you to raise a glass afterwards at:

    ‘The County Club’

    29 Ridgmont Road,

    St Albans,


    AL1 3AG.

    Tel No: 01727 759 445

    Although branch will send its traditional green and white wreath in honour of Ossie’s memory, both he and the family have asked for any donations to go to the Grips Branch Charity Benevolent Fund. Details below:


    The Grips Branch Charity (1170274)

    Unity Trust Bank

    A/c No. 20379481

    Sort Code 60-83-01

    Swift Code (BIC): NWBKGB2L

    IBAN Number: GB93NWBK60023571418024

    Please use the reference "Ossie" or use the secure payment link below:-

  • 16 July 2023 13:31 | GBCT Info (Administrator)

    Andrew Bradley GBCT wrote an excellent article titled  “Where did the camera trainee go?” in the recent 2023 Stage Screen Radio Summer 23 Camera Trainee article.

  • 11 December 2022 22:11 | GBCT Info (Administrator)


    The GBCT Board is delighted that CVP has agreed to become a Patron of the Guild.  Guild Members will have access to some fantastic services and facilities at the CVP-ARRI CREATIVE SPACE in central London and CVP Newman Street.  And with a growing number of services and facilities in the Midlands and Belgium, more information will be available soon!

    Click on this link to view CVP monthly abstract no.28

  • 13 November 2022 21:53 | GBCT Info (Administrator)

    Remembering former member Kim Seber 1st AC who died recently.

    Although not all of you would have worked with Kim, he was a legend in the drama world and worked on some groundbreaking British films too - Leon the Pig Farmer, Beautiful Thing, Tears Before Bedtime, The Way We Live Now, The Song of Lunch and the award winning State of Play.

    He hadn’t been well for a while and had a very clear idea that after his passing, there would be no fuss. Which means there are no plans for a funeral or memorial – very Kim.

    Kim will be missed both by his family and colleagues as someone who had a sparkling sense of humour and great pride in his work.

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