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The Operators Award

ACO: The Association of Camera Operators

APA: Advertising Producers Association and the updated

Recommended Terms For Engaging Crew On The Production Of Commercials Effective 1st November 2021

Do not follow the link at the top or bottom of the story, they are out of date.

Use the link labelled "Please find our latest Crew Terms HERE." below the image.

ARRI Frame line and lens illumination tool: Frame line and lens illumination tool

BECTU: SupportAgreements, Ratecards including current Nov 2021 updated APA ratecard (same as above but via BECTU)

BFI: The British Film Institute

BSC: British Society of Cinematographers

Companies House: Companies House

CVP Lens Coverage tool: Lens Coverage tools at CVP

.GOV: .GOV, Coronavirus (COVID‑19), BrexitHMRC

MetFilm School: MetFilm School

NFTS: National Film and Television School

PACT: The Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television

Preston Cinema Manuals and Firmware: Preston Support

Sony Venice Simulator tool: Venice simulator tool

The Guild of British Camera Technicians

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